Responsible person

The public information is open except the state, commercial and confidential information.

The public information is open as everyone has the right to request it, select the information receipt form, if it exists in various forms (copies, printed or electronic versions), as well as to study the information in original.  For getting the public information, the responsible person will submit the written application.  In the case of the withdrawal of the copy of the public information for the reimbursement of the copies of the requested information is relevant to the Georgian legislation about the ,,fees for copying public information.”
Public information (including the electronic version of the requested public information) will be issued immediately or in cases prescribed by the law, no later than ten (10) days.

The person responsible for the submission of the public information in the State Attorney-Governor’s Administration:
Senior Specialist of the State-Attorney Governor’s Administration
Marina Gaganashvili
Tel: 0350 27 03 00
E-mail: info@kakheti.gov.ge  

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