State Representative-Governor’s office
 Head of Service
Nino utiashvili
Tel: 0350 27-03-00
E-mail: info@kakheti.gov.ge    

Service Functions:
• The organizational support of the administrative activities as well as the management of the unified proceedings (including the confidential information) and the maintenance of the archival documents.
• Preparing for the signature of the individual administrative legal acts, resolutions and the project letters of the State Attorney-Governor and the maintenance of the proper registry.
• The discussion of the citizens’ proposals, applications and complaints and providing the access to the public information.
• The legal support for the activities of the State Attorney-Governor’s Administration.
• Drawing and setting up the legal act projects concerning the appointment, transferring, dismissal, disciplinary sanctions and incentives, the leave and the business trip of the administrative staff for the purpose of the human resource management. Composing the staff personal files.
• To relate the mass media, non-governmental organizations and other public organizations with the State Attorney-Governor and his administration.
• To inform the society about the activities of the State Attorney-Governor and the administration of the State-Attorney Governor.
• The monitoring of the work performance productivity and efficiency of the State Attorney-Governor.
• The preparation and organizational and technical maintenance of the planned meetings, councils, commissions and the working group sessions with the State Attorney-Governor.
• Obtaining the information about the current important events occurring on the territory of the State Attorney-Governor’s working area and submitting the information to the appropriate authorities.
• The coordination and control execution of the regulatory legal acts on the State Attorney-Governor’s working territory.
• The material and technical support of the administration functioning.
• The project implementation of the administrative budgetary appropriations.
• The bookkeeping conduction and the budget expenditure compliance.
• The realization of the state purchases on the purpose of the material-technical ensuring of the administration.

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