Regional Project Coordinations Department
Head of Department
Malkhaz Chrelashvili
Tel: 0350 27-60-00
E-mail: info@kakheti.gov.ge   

Service Functions:

• The organizing activities of the regional project implementation procedures for the purpose of the social-economic improvement of the State Attorney-Governor’s working territory is relevant to this regulation.
• Supporting of the implementation of events focused on the regional improvement is in accordance with the order of the Government of Georgia.
• Preparing the recommendations and proposals about the priority directions for the economic development of the administrative territorial units for the submission to the Government of Georgia.
• Supporting the improvement of the foreign social-economic and cultural relationships within the competence.
• Enhancing the relations between the State Attorney-Governor and the representatives of the foreign state regions and the international organizations.
• Preparing the information about the agriculture manufacturing technologies with the relevant institutions and specialists for the delivery to the interested figures.
• Encouraging the agriculture development projects according to the order of the Government of Georgia.
• Upon the request of the National Food Agency the approval of the improvement of the veterinary and plant regulation and removal implementation measures on the territory of the more than one self-governing units according to the Georgian legislation.
• Ensuring the projects in the field of melioration planned by the Government of Georgia and the international organizations.

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