Kakheti region is located in the extreme eastern part of Georgia and between the regions of Georgia it occupies the most biggest territory, it covers about 12 thousand km2. Population is more than 400 thousand. The region is bordered by Russian Federation in the north and by Azerbaijan in the east and south. It is separated from Russia by Caucasus high ridge, much lower range of Gombori is located in the middle of the region. Alazani Valley is placed between the ranges, from which the region's two major rivers flow, one is - Alazani and the second is – Iori. Iori River flows from the west to the east and creates Iori lowland. These two ranges, two rivers and two valleys causes the Kakheti region's agricultural production characteristics and potential, distinguishes Kakheti region from other areas of Georgia. Kakheti is one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia. Its stunning scenery includes snow-capped peaks of Caucasus Mountains, which heights are up to 3300-4500m, deciduous forest is about 85%, where beech, oak and hornbeam are predominance. In the upper section of Alazani Valley you can also find maple, poplar, alder, chestnut and yew. Generally, the forests are on the 500-2000 meters above the sea level, after that begins the alpine zone.
Kakheti is an agricultural region, its main activity is viticulture. There are about 80 species of grape-vine in Kakheti. There are some oil reserves in Sagarejo and Dedoplistskaro municipalities. There is a transitional climate between the moist subtropical and continental climate in Kakheti. Likhi and Meskheti ridges prevent to invade moist air masses from the Black Sea, the Leach Ridge separates west Georgia from east Georgia. As a result, amount of annual precipitate is much less in East Georgia (400-1 600 mm) than in West Georgia. The most sediment periods are spring and autumn, while the dry periods are - winter and summer seasons.
In most parts of East Georgia, especially in lowlands, summer is hot and winter is cold. Height has an important impact on the climate. The average temperature in winter is about 0 C; In summer it reaches + 23-30 C.
The majority of population (85%) are Georgians. Azeris, Russians and Armenians also live in Georgia.  Some parts in Kakheti are called Garekakheti (middle part of the river Iori), Kizikhi (Iower part of the river Iori), Shignikakheti (right bank of the river Alazani) and Gaghmamkhari (left bank of the river Alazani).  According to the administrative-territorial division, Kakheti includes:

•  Akhmeta

• Gurjaani

• Dedoplistskharo

• Telavi

• Lagodekhi

• Sagarejo

• Sighnaghi

• Kvareli municipalities and Telavi City Municipality and Georgian highlanders ethnographic area – Tusheti. The administrative center is Telavi. There are 285 settlements in the region, including: 9 Cities- Akhmeta, Gurjaani, Dedoplistskaro, Telavi, Lagodekhi, Sagarejo, Sighnaghi, Kvareli, Tsnori, and 276 villages. 

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